Invest in yourself!

Your boudoir photo shoot is not just a photo session, it’s a celebration of confidence, silliness, and everything that makes you feel gorgeous at your place or a destination of your choosing. Complete with professional makeup and hair, laughter, music, revelry and champagne at every turn.

Most of my clients are not models. They’re soccer moms, CEOs, curvy gals … women who “always wanted to” but thought they “never could or dared.” Even if you think you’re “not photogenic” or you live in a pair of sweatpants, I will uncover your inner vixen and you’ll absolutely love your photographs!

Let’s get to know each other

Your boudoir session fun starts with a phone/video or in-person conversation with me. We’ll talk about timing, place, wishes, outfits, poses and anything you wish to discuss. Feel free to bring your questions, your best friend, and outfits you’d like to consider.

Your boudoir photo session

We’ll do your shoot on Saturday or Sunday, peek at your shiny new photographs right after, and you’ll unwrap your immortalized sexiness very soon after that…

The day of your shoot, we will start by laying out all of your outfits and narrowing them down to the most flattering ones for your body. You will be pampered by my mua-hair stylist. She will help transform you into a boudoir super model. During the photo shoot I will help you with poses and what to do, don’t worry if you have no idea yet. After a break (for you) I’ll play a slide show of my favorite images. After you have fallen in love with yourself, we will select your final images together.

Each boudoir photo shoot is a special experience, with memories that will last you a lifetime. And the photos will last even longer.

Contact me

Contact me to choose an ideal weekend and share your dream-shoot details! I believe that if you’ve “always wanted to try this” — you should. And soon!

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