About me

I believe in the power of images.

I think in images for as long as I can remember and have been photographing since my teens. I have a love for sensual images and bodyscapes.

I believe that creating images of our bodies, accepting all kinds of emotions, can release many positive things in our self-image and give us much strength and confidence.

I want women to be happy and proud of their bodies, including all perfect imperfections. Through my images, I make her realize that she is beautiful.

I put my model on a pedestal during the photo shoot. Rightly so.

I know that a photo shoot is exciting, so I create a relaxed atmosphere. Only when you’re comfortable, we will be able to make beautiful pictures together!

I give and expect full respect to each other. That is obvious. Through good joint preparation, we get to know each other and so create mutual trust.

I do not take myself too seriously, even during a photo shoot. And I promise you: if you have fun, you will not only receive beautiful pictures, but also a nice experience!

I am a photographer who is committed to empowering women through the art of my boudoir photography.

But … please let my images do the talking and contact me if you want to give yourself a nice photo shoot!


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